Name: Bob Dabrowski

Instrument: Bass

With wildfires since: Cant remember (ed - you depped couple times but officially Nov 2016).

Gear: Custom p bass, and fender jazz with humbuckers, ampeg portaflex amp, 2x cab. Chrus delay and valve drive pedals.

Other projects: Dht, dont drink the water, no strings attached, scapegoats.

Previous bands: Kulu, sabbateur, can’t remember the rest.

Musical influences: John entwhistle, black sabbath, camel, jack bruce, cream.

First gig: floyd dark side of the moon,

All time gigs: Dave mathews band, ufo

Teenage crush: blondie.

Midlife crush: anything with a pulse (Female)

Fave food: indian

I cook a mean: spag bol

Invention: the motorcycle

Top films: good the bad the ugly, pulp fiction.

Least fave chore: clothes washing

Books: travels with my aunt, graham greene

Comedy: at the moment is Brooklyn 99

Composer: Bach

History: from ww2 up to now

Chill place: bar on the seafront on the beach

Place to visit, vietnam, cambodia.

Missing over pandemic: gigging