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Stevie Jones 

Stevie Jones and The Wildfires
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Stevie Jones (Covers Set)  
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The Waltzers
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Wildfire Sessions
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Opening the day were country-rockers Stevie Jones and The Wildfires and let me say that this was an excellent performance. I was immediately hooked on their sound. It was a lot less hard rock than anything that was played on Saturday. His songs were filled with these sharp singer-songwriter like details that really kept my interest. Steve was a good frontman keeping up the banter with the early afternoon crowd and his performance was stellar. That was coupled with the great musicianship of The Wildfires. Subtle bass grooves and raw electric guitar parts really brought the songs to life. The songs were really relatable for me and the emotions and poetry in the lyrics really spoke to me. An excellent set that got me ready for the rest of the day”

Mick Birchall Reviews; HRH Crows 02 Sheffield Academy 08-09-19

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