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Weekley Hall Woods near my old home town of Kettering is an area of nature and history that has given me so much inspiration, peace and mindfulness over the decades.
"We are a constituted community group formed to save Weekley Hall Wood and wildflower meadow from plans to build warehousing on this beloved Kettering woodland area. We are made up of passionate individuals and concerned local organisations opposed to the destruction of our countryside and the last remaining accessible natural area around Kettering. We aim to represent the thousands of people opposed to this development and are putting our all into this fight to save Weekley Hall Wood.
The money raised from this gofundme campaign will go towards any legal/administrative fees required to help us fight this development. Eventually we hope to use further monies raised to turn the area into a Country Park.
Help us Save Weekley Hall Wood!
https://www.gofundme.com/f/save-weekley-hall-wood "
A public enquiry starts on Nov 28th and campaign has needed £35k to help contest it legally and as I write is only £3k short to reach that target. Any donations to the above Go Fund me link will be gratefully received!


Clarity In Dusk: CD
  • Clarity In Dusk: CD

Clarity In Dusk: CD

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New 9 Track album recorded at Deadline Studios Leicester. Available in limited edition gatefold sleeve. Tracklist:

  1. Violet Lane
  2. Come In From The Rain
  3. Carmen
  4. Do Or Die
  5. False Gods
  6. Broken Doll
  7. Clarity In Dusk
  8. Eras
  9. Gone But Not Forgotten
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