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Review from Liverpool Sound and Vision

In the battle for your soul, it is not Devils and Gods that you have to concerned with trying to please or keeping out of the way; it is the Angels & Sirens who will have the first and last call on everything that you are as they endeavour with their own sense of majesty to first sample you, and then later seduce you into taking a side. It is a side that offers pitfalls, extremes highs and the kiss from either as they lure you, beckon you with riches and sensual passion and finally devour you, which makes the experience even more extreme, more tantalising and spine tingling than you might at first believe.

It is too Stevie Jones and the Wildfires that Angels & Sirens are reminded of their duty in the scheme of humanity’s affairs, to call out to the unsuspecting and the knowledgeable alike and equally in their sound, one enticing, one urging, it is then up to the shore tossed and Ulysses driven to choose a side and as each song is played from this Northamptonshire band, the decision becomes the epitome of the tangled web, which island of life, sex, love and underlying delicate acoustic natural feel which in turn battles with the rocks and hard blessed guitars.

Following up from the band’s much-admired 2016 debut album Stratigraphic Heart could be considered a tall ask, the looming rocks ready to strike out and the sense of the siren call one of falsehood and lost direction, and yet with Vassilis Damitriadis on guitar, Jake Patrick on drums, Bob Dabrowski on bass and with Autumn Dawn Leader, Janet Robin and Sean Clutterham all making wonderful and charged guest appearances, the 13 track album is in itself the hybrid sound of pleasure that is mixed between both angel and siren.

In tracks such as Neon Underground, 48 Of A Day, 1+1=3, Pointless Broken Records and I’ll Never Fall In Love Again all leaving their seared mark upon those that appeal and call out to the musical sailors as they approach their destiny, Stevie Jones and the Wildfires navigate the harsh waters and have found the beauty of an island paradise which becomes a bountiful harbour for them to perform from.

Embrace the Angels & Sirens, for they are the ones who send the message to the Gods that something beautiful is coming through.

Ian D. Hall


***** rating


Radio March-April 2018

Radio Caroline, the Barry James show, was Featured Album on Feb 23rd show.

Get Ready To Rock radio, Pete Feenstra Rock and Blues show, track played on Feb 27th show.

Choice Radio in Worcester, the Sunday Supplement show, track played on show.

Rock Radio UK, Blues Corner show, track played

Brooklands Radio in Surrey, The Late Rock show, tracks played.

The Art Beat Show on All Fm Manchester track played

Moorlands Radio, Leek Anything Goes Show track played

Corby Radio, Tracks played by Barry Addison

MKFM  Vicki McCarthy show track played

Deal Radio Heads Up Show tracks played

Exile FM 'Neon Underground' played


Radio 11-03-18

Scotland! Many thanks to Iain Anderson of BBC Radio Scotland for playing the title track of ‘Angels and Sirens’ last night! It opens up his show at about 5 mins in. Listen here:

Review 05-03-18


‘Angels And Sirens’ is the second album from this Northamptonshire Rock band who continue down their own path of marrying wordy lyrics with rootsy Rock music. Acoustic guitars underpin the songs, but there’s some fiery electric guitar to be found as well. The tracks are also coloured in places with bluesy licks, harmonica, Country slide and piano.

There’s a bluster about their sound and the heartfelt lyrics are reminiscent of bands like New Model Army, The Alarm (the title track, in particular, has a Mike Peters feel) and the Levellers. Other reference points would be The Clash on ‘Neon Underground’ with Stevie Jones sounding like Mick Jones to a degree. This one also pinches the much-used John Lee Hooker ‘Boogie Chillun’ riff. You could imagine the Gallagher brothers doing the acoustic Indie Rocker ‘Morningless Life’ if they were more laid-back. On ‘1+1=3’ there’s a touch of the solo material from The Waterboys’ Mike Scott. You sense there’s a lot of Jones’ character etched into these songs, but they don’t quite have the poetry, as yet, of Scott.

Lyrically, it’s a mix of political and love songs. ‘Whitewash’ stands out as a track that could be a rallying call to fans with its lyrics about the banality of the media and how the world is awash with trivia when the really important stories go unheard. The material would work well live, especially ‘Painting By Numbers’ – the tale of being a cover band – with its nagging guitar hook, “whoo-whoo!” chant and handclaps that would demand participation from a crowd. The knockabout Rock ‘n’ Roll of ‘I’ll Never Fall In Love Again’ could even bring on a hand jive. The love songs, such as ‘48th Of A Day’, ‘The Garden Path’, ‘Start It All Again’ and ‘Easy Now’ are stripped-back and appear honest. Jones has a serviceable voice and stays within his range; you sense if he was to take his voice closer to the limit, where it might crack or strain, it would actually help to convey more emotion. This is a bright and energetic album that fans of the above-mentioned bands would likely find something within to enjoy.

Duncan Jamieson, Rocktopia, Fireworks Magazine

Review 03-03-18

'Currently listening to the album on bandcamp and constantly being drawn back to whitewash and 1+1=3 quite possibly angels & sirens will become my album of the year'
John Deary, Facebook

Review 27-02-18


Stevie Jones & the Wildfires are a rock group from Northampton. They released their first album in 2016, Stratigraphic Heart, and this is the follow-up. Composed of thirteen songs, most written by Jones, with a couple of covers by other songwriters [George Borowski, and Ian Babington]. The band consists of Stevie Jones (guitar/vocals), Vassilis Damitriadis (guitar), Jake Patrick (drums), and Bob Dabrowski (bass), with guest Autumn Dawn Leader often appearing on piano and vocals. LA guitarist Janet Robin (String Revolution, Lindsay Buckingham Band) and top Leicester harp player Sean Clutterham also provide guest appearances.

The opening title track starts off slow and steady, before speeding up the pace as the song progresses. It’s a song that makes you want to sing/dance along, with a catchy chorus. Along with the lyrics that seem to be about lost love, this song has great fire and passion behind it. It’s slightly reminiscent of Buzzcocks’ ‘Ever Fallen In Love’, with an old-school English rock vibe. The following song ‘Neon Underground’ uses some unusual instruments in the beginning, giving it a Western feel with its use of harmonica. It has some awesome guitar solos. Near the end of the song the instruments drop out which showcases the vocals rawness before the music returns to finish the song.

‘Whitewash’ is very interesting as it uses clips from news and adverts to begin the song. The lyrics talk about what the TV presents to you – Royal babies, celebrities, etc – instead of broadcasting any of the real things happening in the world. The lyrics “They kept us in the dark for too long now” is an obvious reference to what the media shows us. The song ends with police sirens and chaos. This track it a very down to earth, with a clear message.

‘The Garden Path’ meanwhile has a peaceful and tranquil feel and is out of step with the general tone of the album; however it’s a welcome attribute to the album, giving it variety. Again, this song seems to be about love, and love lost. This song still maintains the rawness of rock, but keeps a calmer vibe through the musical accompaniment and backing vocals.

‘I’ll Never Fall In Love Again’ brings back the rocky fast-paced feel to this album. It brings to mind a rock/swing mash up, the lyric content talks about how the writer will never fall in love again, seemingly after a relationship breakdown. It’s a really emotional song if you listen closely to the lyrics, though this could be overlooked with the upbeat tempo and happy-sounding vocals.

This album contains a reoccurring theme of love lost and heart break. It also incorporates a Western and acoustic feel into the rock, which gives the overall album a good mix and something everyone would enjoy. It is really impressive they have used their platform to talk about something like ‘Whitewash’. The album takes a more peaceful and mellow approach in songs like ‘The Garden Path’ and ‘Polly Anna & Me’. Recommended.

Katie Montfort, New Boots Online Music Magazine

Radio 24-10-17

Download the MP3/stream this recorded Interview with Ling Pang on The Eye - Community Station based in Melton Mowbray - length 40:11
In depth interview discussing the making of 'Angels and Sirens', songwriting in general and plans for the future
Features the radio debut airing of  'Neon Underground' 05:50 plus '25 Years' 13:42 and 'Chasing Rainbows' 26:22

Radio 11-07-17

Interview for Jason Moyle for Live Wire Talk. The show which  broadcast across the United Kingdom on FM, DAB, AM, On line and Tune In apps. On radio including Hermitage FM, 103 The Eye FM, Wythenshawe FM, Phoenix Radio 96.7 FM, Keith Radio 107.7 FM, CHBN FM, Switch Radio 107.5 FM, Carillon Radio 1386 & 1431 AM, London FM, Oxford 24 FM, Britannia FM, Europe Radio One FM, Venture Radio, Nikey Radio, Vectis Radio, Mod Radio, Replay Radio, 242, Live Wire Talk.

Thank you once again Steve Osbourne Media

Radio 30-05-17

Stevie appeared on the Northampton based internet station Roses Radio as special guest and chose a selection of top tracks that inspired him which featured:Kayleigh - Marillion
Whole of The Moon - Waterboys
Teenage Wildlife - Bowie
Complete Control - The Clash
Exodus - Bob Marley
Smalltown England - New Model Army
Five to One - The Doors
Ride A White Swan - T Rex
Mr Jones - Counting Crows
Meadowlake Street - Ryan Adams
Spin The Black Circle - Pearl Jam
Alternative Ulster - Stiff Little Fingers

Many thanks to Lisa Eversden for the interview and airtime
Checkout her show every Tuesday from 7pm at

Radio 26-04-17

Radio session with Mark and Rob on PM Music Café an indie and alternative show on Radio Plus 101.5 FM Coventry
Vassillis and Stevie played 'The Garden Path', '1+1=3'' and 'Morningless Life' live

Radio 22-04-17

Interview with Barry Addison on Corby FM


Radio 18-04-17

Had a couple of tracks played on the Warrington based internet station Radio Beacon
Thank you Helen Baldwin

Press 08-12-16

Luton Herald and Post

Luton Herald and Post

Radio Oct 2016

Sunday 9th October 8.15pm
Interview with Gary Hazelhurst on Nova FM, Newport, Shropshire

More Radio Sept 2016

Wednesday 21st Sept
Recorded Interview with Al Jarvie Scotand 69AM 9pm

Rob Low to play '25 Years' on his show Radio Plus Coventry 7-9pm or 101.5FM

Radio Aug-Sept 2016

Thursday 18th August 10-11pm on BCB Radio covering the Bradford/Leeds area
Presented by Michelle Dalgety.

Friday 19th August telephone interview 9:30 pm Country Scene hosted by Doug Parish.
Airplay on Bay FM, 10 Radio FM, Tone FM & Isca Radio.

Monday 22nd August studio interview / session 2:00 pm Hermitage FM John Sketchley.
Hermitage FM Coalville.
Tuesday 23rd August pre-recorded telephone interview 3:00 pm
CMR Nashville Lee Williams.
Friday 2nd September live telephone interview 6:10 pm
CHBN FM Jason Moyles. .
Wednesday 14th September live telephone interview 10:05 am
Radio Verulam Phil Richards. 
Wednesday 14th September live telephone interview 12:05 pm
K 107 FM John Murray.

Radio July 2016

Monday 25th July live telephone interview 9:30 am
Wythenshawe FM South Manchester Area. Mike George.

Monday 25th July live telephone interview 6:15 pm
103 FM The Eye. Melton Mowbray, Leics. Dennis Harby.

Radio 12-07-16

Richard Oliff of HFM for the interview following our set at Flashback Festival. The clip here was broadcast on 12-07-16 and features studio track 'Harbour Song' from Stevie's debut solo album, interview with Stevie and Vassillis and closes with '25 Years'.
Listen in full HERE

Review 22-06-16

'This album is very, very good filled with strong melodies, clever lyrics and excellent arrangements. Impossible to categorise as various genres are explored. Highly recommended!'
 Chris Donnerstag
 Masque Theatre, Latimer Arts College

Radio 22-06-16

Airplay on BBC Radio Scotland on the Iain Anderson show - 'Silver Spoon' was played and Iain described the story of Johnny as 'alot of fun'. We were in fine company on the playlist.

Radio 20-06-16

Soft Rock Show Interview with Geoff Dorsett and Aidrian Collis 93.7 Express FM in Portsmouth, Hampshire - download/listen HERE

Radio 05-06-16

Interview with Pete Philips of Choice FM in Worcester
Listen to the full PODCAST here

Radio June-July 2016

Sunday June 5th at 11.30am - Choice Radio in Worcester, Sunday Supplement show, playing tracks and phone interview.
Monday 20th June 9.15pm - Express FM in Hampshire, Soft Rock Show, track played on May 23rd show and phone interview.
Sunday 17th July 7.30pm - Moorlands Radio, Anything Goes show, Leek, playing tracks and live studio session.
ALL FM in Manchester, the Art Beat show, to play tracks.
Brooklands Radio in Surrey, the Arts and Entertainment show, to play tracks.
Radio Caroline, Barry James show, to play tracks.

Radio 22-04-16

Interview with Steve Flynn - transmitted to over 20 different radio stations including Hermitage FM, 103 The Eye FM, Radio Verulam, Wythenshawe FM, All FM, Phoenix Radio 96.7 FM, Keith Radio, Carillon Radio 1386 & 1431 AM, CHBN FM, London FM, Venture Radio, Nikey Radio, Matchbox Radio 24, Vectis Radio, Scotland 69 AM, 247 Music Radio Network, Britannia FM, Wyrelite Radio and Live Wire Talk
Free Download/Stream
Live Wire Talk/Steve Osbourne Media

Radio 21-04-16

Interview Broadcast on 07-04-16 on MKFM with Vicki McCarthy, acoustic version of 'Silver Spoon' and full play of 'This Is My Church'
Free download/stream
MKFM Milton Keynes Radio

Review 14-04-16

'The album is superb. Gets the thumbs up in our house'
Nigel Lewis

'Best album I've bought in ages!'
Malcolm Dunn

Review 11-04-16

Stevie jones 2016 maverick review pt1 200dpi
Stevie jones 2016 maverick review pt2 200dpi
Ian Ambrose
Maverick Music Magazine

Review 07-03-16

Breakdown and analysis of meanings behind some of the songs:
Full article here
Fatea Magazine
Tony Wilding

Review 05-03-16

'A tremendously enjoyable debut album, Stratigraphic Heart is a complex layering of human endeavour captured simply and with absolute care'
Full review here
Ian D. Hall
Liverpool Sound and Vision

Press 13-02-16

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Leicester Mercury

Review 09-02-16

'I listened to Stevie Jones album today I must say I really enjoyed it and can't stop playing track 2 'Give It Back' . If you can get hold of a copy buy it . It's great to hear some real honest music.'
Tammy Levy

Radio 29-01-16

Interview with Rupal Rajani discussing connections with Leicester, archaeology, 'what it's like to be an older musician', plus the passing of David Bowie
Acoustic version of 'This Is My Church'
Free download/stream
BBC Radio Leicester

Press (Blog) 26-01-16

Weblog Review/Profile
Full article here
Sean Tizzard

Radio 13-12-15

Interview with James Hickling TENSION show
Demon FM, Leicester

Review 02-11-15

'Just been listening to the new Stevie Jones & The Wildfires album, Stratigraphic Heart. It's very good. I would describe it as 10 individual tracks crafted over many years, a very professional album, recording, packaging, lyric book, photo's etc. The whole thing works! As a music lover I was not sure what I would hear as I have only ever heard Stevie with his acoustic guitar but the songs are perfect for a full band sound. There wasn't a song I didn't like or think did not sound good (which is rare for me over a whole album). I would say it's a Country Rock sound, but make up your own mind. Very much worth £8 if you can still get a copy. Thanks to all those involved in the production and pledgers who helped.'
Ray Hue 'Reggae Ray'