Review of the track 'Glow' by New Boots Magazine in their 'Step on. Best New Music Tracks' {May 8th 2020)

"Taken from 'Eleventh Hour' a 2011 album by Northants singer songwriter Stevie Jones and guitarist Mark Gill released originally for 24 hours only but now being made widely available on CD/DL.The seven track album was recorded live at Yellow Been Studios in Leicester, and you get Stevie's raw vocals and Mark's acoustic guitar flourishes meeting to produce some minor key fireworks. Perfect for fans of rootsy music by the likes of John Mayer or Counting Crows"


New Boots

Review September 2019

"Opening the day were country-rockers Stevie Jones and The Wildfires and let me say that this was an excellent performance. I was immediately hooked on their sound. It was a lot less hard rock than anything that was played on Saturday. His songs were filled with these sharp singer-songwriter like details that really kept my interest. Steve was a good frontman keeping up the banter with the early afternoon crowd and his performance was stellar. That was coupled with the great musicianship of The Wildfires. Subtle bass grooves and raw electric guitar parts really brought the songs to life. The songs were really relatable for me and the emotions and poetry in the lyrics really spoke to me. An excellent set that got me ready for the rest of the day"
Mick Birchall Reviews - HRH Crows 02 Academy Sheffield 08-09-19

Review April 2019

"So after 17 years running a successful live music club and having written a large number of Cd reviewsI find in my cd player this cd to play and review. Firstly I must say its nice to play a cd that’s over 53min long as so often I get Cds that are just about 30 mins, so here we go . 
Opening with the title track is brave as often it’s the best of the bunch in this case 13 tracks and true it is a fine upbeat foot tapping track that gets you in the mood for what follows , each track has that common theme , foot tapping and in my case head nodding and you soon find yourself singing along , great use of acoustic guitar in what in my head is a clever rock yet not to heavy cd - and when you get guests like Janet Robin ( voted in the top 10 female guitarists in the world , to  play on a couple of tracks ) you know you hit something special. 
There are a few slow rock ballads on there to , all well crafted and excellently put together , this band is for sure something to want more of , blues harp adds a touch of blues along the way , add to that base beats that get you moving , fine guitars electric and acoustic put Stevie's voice a slightly course earthy edge and you get clebver suttle rock with lyrics you can here and enjoy
So to sum up …. “Go buy it” I ( you even get lyrics sheet in the cd )  it will not disappoint and catch them live if you can to , a band that match live there cd 
Its not left my cd player all day , over and over again …. That’s rare for me” 
Michael Pipe
Music promoter , Music producer, Music judge, venue promoter for 17yrs

Radio December 2018

‘Neon Underground’ was featured on the playlist for a number of weeks by Wyatt on The New Rock Show, Planet Rock - the UK's premier rock station.

Review June 2018

Live review 19/06/2018 supporting Alter The Sky + Kaine at The Blue Moon Cambridge by This Is Noise E Zine:

'After the slight delay due to the late arrival of the drummer and guitarist, Stevie jones kicked the evening off with songs from his latest album Angels and Sirens. Very different to the following bands, covering themes of loss, love and the life, tribulations and sacrifices of a touring musician. Beautiful melodies tinged with sadness, soaring guitar breaks delivered with a voice of experience. A unique voice that at times in which you can hear the influence of The Levellers or New Model Army. The partisan crowd, many of whom may have been geologists judging by the roar of approval when they came to play Stratigraphic Heart, were rewarded with a rousing set and some finely balanced playing between the acoustic guitar of Stevie and Vassilis’s electric lead in the blues based song Neon Underground. They closed out their set with This Is My Church taken from the Stratigraphic Hearts album, an anthemic celebration of the joy of discovery, a musical road and journey that defines the routes of this interesting musician.'

This Is Noise


Review May 2018

Review of 'Angels and Sirens' in May 2018 edition of R n R magazine

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