Angels and Sirens: CD
  • Angels and Sirens: CD

Angels and Sirens: CD

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Recorded at Deadline Studios, Leicester in 2017 produced by Adam Ellis. It features special guest appearances from Janet Robin, Sean Clutterham and Autumn Dawn Leader The 13 tracks are split between full band or acoustic arrangements with two cover songs from Manchester singer-songwriter George Borowski and the late Ian Babington - a friend of Stevie's from the Leicester Open Mic Scene. Gatefold cover with lyric sheet. Tracklist:

  1. Angels And Sirens
  2. Neon Underground
  3. Morningless Life
  4. Painting By Numbers
  5. 48th Of A Day
  6. Whitewash
  7. 1+1=3
  8. The Garden Path
  9. Polly Anna And Me
  10. Pointless Broken Record
  11. I'll Never Fall In Love Again
  12. Start It All Again
  13. Easy Now
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